Teresa Hensley

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Testimonials received from my clients.

Ted and Amie Stelmach
Georgia by way of NY

Hi Teresa, My brother talked us into GA and we found a home 40 minutes from his house. It was a foreclosure, (118,000) needing nothing but yard work, outside painting and cleaning. The home is absolutely perfect for our family and we feel it was meant to be. Ted and Courtney will move down the end of July and I will follow a year later. It will be a hard year commuting for our family, but we are strong. Ted and I have experienced several real estate agents this past year and Teresa you are one in a million. Other people just do not provide customer service and don't give a hoot about their clients. Ted and I ALWAYS felt like you cared and that you were looking out for our best interest. Ted and I want you to know that although we didn't end up buying in NC as planned, we appreciate all your hard work. May your life be blessed for caring and giving 110 percent, Amie and Ted

Bill and Diane Lyman
SC. Moved from Hickory

Teresa, Bill and I couldn't agree more. We too have never had anyone like you either. You are such an asset to your profession. The Hickory area is Blessed to have you!

Bob and Joyce Hudgins
Hickory, NC

Teresa, Bob and I have to agree with all these people. You are the best. We have always enjoyed knowing you as a realtor and also we consider you a very dear friend. Love you and the work you do.

Dennis Payne
Glen Alpine, NC

The best part is, your goodness and hard work and concern for others is not confined to the real estate part of your life.